Colin Cogle

Taking a future-focused approach.

I am an IT consultant and engineer. I leverage my academic foundations, my experience managing global teams, and nearly twenty years spent in the MSP field to bring smart, effective, and future-focused solutions to businesses worldwide. I've helped over 3,000 customers worldwide to earn billions of dollars in revenue.

I bring a 21st-century mindset to the business world. Customer satisfaction is paramount to everything, even my own profits. I treat all my clients with the same dignity and respect that they and I show to others. By being mindful, honest, and fair — not only to the customer, but to their customers and employees, as well as my team — I forge a solid relationship, and use that as the bedrock for my service. And, when things do go wrong (which they will, unfortunately), the same respect, integrity, and hubris comes back.

A lifelong resident of Connecticut, I earned a bachelor's degree in computer science from Central Connecticut State University. I also hold certifications from other industry leaders such as Microsoft, Sophos, HP Inc., CompTIA, Apple, and Hurricane Electric. I constantly learn and keep my skills sharp, so that you can plan for the future rather than react to the past.

Work–life balance is essential to staying happy and productive. When I have time to spend (or waste), I often read, hack, and volunteer in my community. I also contribute code and time to dozens of FOSS projects.